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Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 9:00am - 1:00pm & 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Friday: 9:15am - 2:15pm & 2:45pm - 5:00pm (Pvt Appointments Only)

244 Green Street, London E7 8LE
020 8472 0504

First Visit

Your First Visit To Green Street
Dental Practice In East London

Your patient’s journey starts right here when you pick up the phone or make an enquiry online, we will work hard to meet all your needs at every stage of your visit to Green Street Dental Practice.

We understand if you feel anxious or suffer from dental anxiety – did you know one in every three adults has moderate dental anxiety in the UK, and around one in every 10 adults has some form of extreme dental anxiety. You are not alone we are with you every step of the way.

What Happens on your First Visit:

  • Show you around our dental practice
  • Introduce you to the team
  • Go through your dental history and find out if you have had any bad experiences or problems.
  • Listen to all your concerns
  • When you feel you are ready we will give you a dental examination and X-ray
  • We will then go through everything on our findings and advise what is the best way forward with a treatment plan

If there is anything you would like to explore with our treatments we will guide you through the different cosmetic treatments. We have transformed many patient’s life’s at Green Street Dental Practice giving them newfound confidence.

There is always plenty of time made to ask any questions and make you feel as comfortable as possible. This is where your beautiful smile begins.

Family Dentistry

As well as providing an extensive range of treatments for adults, we also provide a full range of dental treatments for children, providing comprehensive treatment for our younger patients so that we can provide care for the whole family. It’s really important to us that children grow up with a positive attitude to visiting the dentist and to their dental health and wellbeing in general. We also aim to help them form good dental habits, as this will prevent problems with their teeth in later life.

Nervous Patients

If you’re nervous about visiting our practice due to concerns with anxiety, we’d like to assure all patients that your satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment and encourage you to ask as many as you wish. It’s important that you fully understand and are comfortable with your proposed treatment plan. We want you to feel happy and confident in our care.

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